Saturday, April 26, 2008

Doctor David's Blog is Accredited!

The Health On the Net (HON) Foundation has accredited this blog with their HONcode.

The HONcode is 'the oldest and the most used ethical ... code for medical and health related information available on Internet'. It is displayed by many healthcare websites and medical bloggers who are compliant with HON's eight principles: authority, complementarity, confidentiality, attribution, justifiability, transparency, financial disclosure, advertising (as in, clearly distinguishing between advertising and editorial content).

If you are curious to learn more about what HON accreditation is, check this out.

My HONcode is on the lower right side of this blog, above the 'Ad-Free Blog' owl and can be verified here. I will be regularly evaluated for ethical compliance, and if I am ever non-compliant (like if I don't make my patient vignettes HIPAA-compliant) - my code will change.


rlbates said...

Congrats! I think you well desire it.

Doctor David said...

Thanks so much!

Jen said...

Congratulations- it's well deserved!