Monday, June 30, 2008

Recent Posts from Great Medical Blogs, Part 3

School’s out for the summer! And as summer vacations begin, it’s time to review some recent posts from some of my favorite blogs.

One of the best pediatrician voices on the web, Dr. Gwenn, offers some great advice to parents whose kids have the summer off. Parents today, and I’m certainly guilty of this, tend to overschedule their children. Dr. Gwenn reminds us of the importance of free time, for kids to do what they want in the moment and to just be kids.

One of the highlights of summer vacation is Independence Day. Fireworks are an integral part of the celebration. When I was a pediatrics resident, I saw my share of fireworks-related injuries. Dr. Bates routinely sees such injuries in her practice as a plastic surgeon, which is why she offers us important advice for fireworks safety.

One of my favorite blog subjects is patient stories. I think we learn so much from the people who entrust their health and their lives to us, and we medical professionals sometimes undervalue that. I think people like to read heartwarming stories, to help remind them of all that is good in the world. Dr. Val posted a great story that I think you’ll enjoy reading.

Maybe it’s just coincidence, but have you ever noticed how certain themes seem to run through medical blogs from time to time? One recent theme I’ve noticed is postings about internet medicine. White Coat Rants posted this interesting commentary on second opinions over the internet. As if offering opinions over the internet, without the benefit of a physical examination wasn’t bad enough, apparently there is now a website that will make a diagnosis without the benefit of a doctor’s input. Dr. Val has this to say about the dangers inherent in someone trying to use such a site to diagnose themselves.

With the health care system under the stresses we read about daily in the papers (note: subscription required for full article), some of my colleagues are becoming disillusioned with the practice of medicine. Fortunately, Rural Doctoring offers this list of reminders of why it’s great to be a doctor. In case this list convinces you to go to medical school, you may want to read this list of 100 things you should know before you enroll. Already a doctor? Then read The Happy Hospitalist’s list of 20 rules for practicing good medicine.

The past month has brought its share of loss, too. Tim Russert’s sudden cardiac death caught people by surprise and many medical blogs addressed the issues raised by his death, including Purple Medical Blog, Kevin MD, and many others.

One of my favorite comedians, George Carlin (don’t follow the link if you are offended by graphic language or don’t care for his comedy), also died this month. Although there were no particular medical lessons to be learned (he had a history of heart problems and substance abuse), several of my colleagues, including Suture for a Living and the folks at PalliMed, offered tributes to one of the great comedic minds of our generation.

And finally, it seems it’s time to say goodbye to one of my favorite medical bloggers, Sid Schwab, who is “hanging it up” after two years. I really enjoyed reading his blog, and he will be sorely missed.

Well, I guess that’s a wrap for this month. I’m looking forward to a bright, sunny summer, full of fun, camping, walks on the beach, and postings to my favorite medical blogs.


Anonymous said...

Tim Russert and George Carlin

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for including TWO links to my blog in this very nice list. I just posted a quote from George Carlin that I found in a video via Allergy Notes on Twitter. Brilliant! :)

Dr. Smak said...

Great wrap up, I enjoyed your picks.