Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Joy of...


I learn so many lessons from my patients. Some of them are medical, but the more important ones are general life lessons.

This is my patient, CR. He has had a rough time with his therapy. He relapsed before his initial treatment was done, and we’ve had a hard time controlling his cancer since then.

His medical problems have not kept him down, though. He went to his prom this past spring with a beautiful young woman. He and his father have been hunting in Alaska twice this year. He has spent the summer boating and swimming on a lake in upstate New York. This picture was taken while he was skydiving this past weekend. His father tells me that this is a look of pure joy.

Clearly, having a life-threatening diagnosis does not mean your life has to end. There is still joy to be had in living!


Anonymous said...

What a great photo! I am seriously wondering how they managed to get that picture??? :-)

Good for him! I think a lot of us have this idea that if we were to get cancer, life would stop and we would live in a dark cancer hole. It's awesome when you discover that your life doesn't stop at all (well, there ARE days on some of these treatments when it nearly does). But life will be as full as we choose it to be.

Future Doctor said...

Good stuff! I am about to head off to Camp Periwinkle (Texas Children's cancer patients) where there are a hundred stories like this one. Makes you really appreciate life and all the little stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great photo and story. Victoria Chidester who has stage IV Colon Cancer is another example of living life to the fullest. She competed a couple of months ago in the US Masters Swim competition and is on the front cover of USMS Swim magazine.

This is what winning at life is!
Jessica Bond

Doctor David said...

Jessica, you're absolutely right! So are you, Mary... life is as full as we choose it to be, whether we have cancer or not.

Future Doctor... have a great time at camp. I'm going to our camp a week from Thursday. Can't wait!