Wednesday, October 28, 2009

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month Draws to a Close

As breast cancer awareness month draws to a close, I wanted to highlight a few breast cancer posts from other medical bloggers:

Suture For a Living asks: "Is Breast Cancer Over-Diagnosed?"

Bayblab writes about research on a diabetes medication killing breast cancer stem cells.

Science Update Blog discusses claims that we are "Two years from breast cancer cure".

Highlight Health's Allison Bland says "The Review is in: Lifestyle Changes Prevent Breast Cancer
and Healthcare Hacks discuss the benefits of weightlifting in breast cancer survivors.

If you've found any interesting breast cancer blogs or posts, link to them in the comments!

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Jack said...

Here's a NBCAM link you and your readers may find interesting -- -- a 30 second video about the 'aha moment' of the woman who launched the Feel Your Boobies t-shirt campaign. If you like it, vote for it with one simple click, as the top vote-getters will be used as aha moment TV commercials next year. And more exposure would be a good thing.


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