Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yes, we have no...Zofran?

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The issue of chemotherapy drug shortages has made the news a lot over the past 6 months or so, including an OpEd piece in the New York Times last August that pointed out that the situation is so bad that, in effect, cancer care is being rationed in the US.

How did this happen?

Well, the situation is quite complex, but much of what is going on was summarized beautifully by my colleague Michelle Hudspeth, Director of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Medical University of South Carolina (and graduate of our residency and fellowship programs), when she testified before Congress (her testimony is here).  Briefly, the problem can be traced, in part, to a rule by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) called the ASP + 6 Rule.  This rule limits what a private oncologist can charge for a chemotherapy drug to the Average Sale Price plus 6%. 

Why does that matter?  An article by the Director of the National Library of Medicine, and one in the New England Journal of Medicine, outlines the financial issues.  Because so many of the older chemotherapy drugs are available as generics and are consequently very inexpensive.  Consider the case of carboplatin.  A vial of carboplatin once sold for $125, but recently the cost has fallen to $3.50.  Add 6% to that, and you certainly don't recoup the cost of administering the drug in your office. Similarly, paclitaxel costs $312 per vial, while Abraxane (albumin-bound paclitaxel) costs $5,824 (all cost data come from this article in the New England Journal of Medicine).  There is almost no financial incentive to pharmaceutical companies to make generic chemotherapy drugs, nor is there a financial incentive to private oncology practices to use generics.

But this is just part of the problem.  There is currently a nationwide shortage of Doxil (liposomal doxorubicin), which is not a generic.  Why?  Through industry consolidation, there are fewer and fewer plants that manufacture these drugs, so when something happens at even a single plant, the entire market is affected.  Quality control issues at the only plant in the world that makes Doxil shut the plant down and with it, all drug production. 

So, it seems that industry consolidation, downward pressure on pricing of generics, as well as contamination, other quality control problems, and shortages of raw materials have conspired to create a perfect storm.

The consequences of these shortages go beyond just drug availability.  As the New York Times article discussed, and Dr. Hudspeth mentioned, medication errors are increasing as oncologists are forced to use less familiar drugs.  Research is affected, too. This article, published in the scientific journal Nature in October, discusses the effect of drug shortages on clinical trial enrollment.  Closer to home, the clinical trial I am running looking at Doxil and temsirolimus for sarcoma patients is on hold because Doxil is unavailable.  We haven't enrolled a new patient in months, and there is no end to the shortage in sight.

The shortages are not limited to chemotherapy drugs (which, of course, is evidence that the problem is not due to the inability of oncologists to make a profit giving drugs to patients).  Drugs for ADHD, the components for iv nutrition, anesthetics, and many others are affected.  In fact, on Friday I was told our hospital has only a 5 day supply of Zofran, the mainstay anti-nausea drug used for patients receiving chemotherapy. 

I sure hope they get more.  I'm not looking forward to giving chemotherapy without it.

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Mary said...

I shared this post with the Team Sarcoma Facebook group. When I was really sick after giving birth, zofran saved me! I was familiar with the drug name because I know so many young adults who have needed it while in treatment. I never had chemo, but I can only imagine how sick I would have been with it. It is hard to comprehend sarcoma specialists not having access to so many drugs that they need. Is there anything we can do? Would you be willing to write about this in ESUN??

Anonymous said...

I read the op-ed in the ny times when it was first written and wrote letters to my congressman and 2 senators, never having done so before. I got a personalized reply from one of the senators, which was encouraging, instead of the canned response from the other 2. And I can't imagine going through chemo without Zofran; the nausea was bad enough with it.

Hopefully this is solved soon!

Just the Tip said...

Coming from someone who has worked in pharmacy for 10 years and also happens to have an anaphylaxis reaction to phenergan, I think the only way to summarize this is that we're all doomed!

Kathleen Blanchard, RN, CCM said...

Get out the ginger snaps. This is truly sad. What about old timey drugs? Thorazine, compazine? Just wondering if they're effective.

Doctor David said...

Mary, thanks for sharing with the FB group. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that there's much that can be done at the grassroots level, other than perhaps making sure your Representatives and Senators are aware of the magnitude of the problem.

Kathleen, we are breaking out the old-timey drugs... but sadly many of those are also generic and are also in short supply. This morning on rounds I was told that the only anti-emetic we regularly use that is NOT in short supply is Ativan.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Is this situation also the same in other countries? Or are we the only ones?

Kathleen Blanchard, RN, CCM said...

Oh my - Thanks Dr. David.

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Unknown said...

This has considerable implications for the design of libraries for drug discovery and development, as well as for chemical genetics/genomics and systems chemistry. Weedies

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Malegra 100 is an orally administered drug used to treat Erectile Dysfunction or male impotence. It is among the PDE6 inhibitors It contains Sildenafil Citrate to be the primary ingredient. Malegra 100 is a 100mg dose of Sildenafil Citrate that is an extremely potent dose for the ED pill.

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Fildena 120 is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in a person. This erectile dysfunction is also called impotence. There are 30 million people in the world who have to suffer from this problem and. For anyone who cannot get a hard erection, the use of this medication can achieve a hard erection. This tablet makes people enjoy their s*x life by enhancing the intimacy between two partners – this is one of the best cures for erection problems. You should take this medicine with a glass of cool water as directed by your doctor. When taking this medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you must take special care not to crush, chew or break this tablet. You should swallow the pill whole. You should take this medicine 1 hour before planning s*xual activity. This tablet is because the starts to work within 30 minutes and lasts 4-6 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to take this only once every 24 hours.

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Cenforce 120 Erectile dysfunction remedy: it is one of the most frequent s*xual dysfunctions in men. It is distinguished by the condition that achieving and maintaining a satisfactory erection is a highly suspicious action for a man. Several elements can affect the person's abilities, such as prolonged anxiety. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension - It is another medical condition that can be treated with Cenforce 120 Mg; Furthermore, it is established as a condition where the blood pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs becomes much higher than normal.

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Vilitra 40 is available as an oral tablet and should be swallowed whole as a pill. It shouldn't be chewed. It must not be broken or crushed. Before s*xual activity, one tablet of the should be swallowed with water. Before starting s*xual activity, it is recommended to take Vilitra 40 (Vardenafil 40 mg) 30 to 60 minutes in advance. The starts working after about 30 minutes. This should be taken prior to s*xual activity, depending on the individual's needs. To prevent damage, Vilitra 40 tablets (Vardenafil 40 mg) should not be taken more than once a day. Its effects last 4 to 5 hours in the body after taking one tablet. If the works and the user has erections, s*xual stimulation will be required.

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Kamagra 100 is an orally administered erectile dysfunction . People who cannot naturally erect their p*nis can benefit from this medicine. Medicines can help you gain essential stiffness in your p*nis and prepare it for penetration. Kamagra 100 Mg is produced to high standards, ensuring its safety and efficacy. The treatment takes 4 to 6 hours to be effective. Sildenafil Citrate is the active element in Kamagra and refers to the PDE-5 group of vasodilators. These work by widening the blood arteries in the body, particularly in the vaginal area.

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Cenforce 200 citrate relaxes the muscles that line the walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow to [1] particular areas of the body. That is why it is used by men in erection disorders. In addition to sildenafil, other medications are also used for the same condition. Make sure the two drugs are not used simultaneously; Otherwise, you can make the situation worse.

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Fildena 150 is an excellent treatment to treat erectile dysfunction in all men. Fildena 150 belongs to the class of drugs called PDE inhibitors. This medication contains the PDE 5 inhibitor compound. The main component of this type of inhibitor, sildenafil, helps men achieve erections and withstand contractions during s*xual intercourse.

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Vidalista 20 is a pill that provides temporary hardness in your penis and allows you to get an erection when Sildenafil's actions kick in. This is a pill that is especially useful for anyone who has lost their natural abilities to become hard on stimulation. Therefore, these patients need what we call external inducers and pills like Vidaisita 20 work very well.

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Successfully treat the aftermath of s*xual breakdown with Vilitra 20 . If you are experiencing male s*xual infertility and are quickly looking for a solution for it, then by then you will see this amazing among other Vilitra 20mg tablets that will let you know how you can get it. If you have discovered that you have erection problems (ED), in any case called male impotence, all things considered, you may feel that you no longer have the option to engage in s*xual intercourse any longer in your life.

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Kamagra 100mg Tablet belongs to a group of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors. It works by relaxing the blood vessels in your p*nis. This allows blood to flow to the p*nis and produce an erection when s*xually aroused. This drug will only help you get an erection if you are s*xually stimulated. It is very effective, but should be taken at least 30 minutes before s*xual activity.

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Iverheal 6mg is an antiparasitic drug used to treat the condition of roundworm parasitic infections such as lice, scabies, onchocerciasis, strongyloidiasis and other parasitic symptoms. It acts on the root of the problem and naturally treats the problem of parasitic infestations while providing you with a permanent solution.

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Cenforce 100can be used for erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which maintaining and achieving a good erection is sufficient for satisfactory s*xual performance. These p*lls are used to gain more of your manhood. This p*ll can be found in its use in men only to acquire harder erections. It is specially designed for people suffering from p*nile disorders such as erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction.

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Fildena 150 is the solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. Impressive, but in reality one in five men suffer from erectile dysfunction issues worldwide.They rarely speak openly about the problem due to fear of judgment or strange looks from people around them. From now on, do not consult a specialist and do not look for the desired solution to cure erectile dysfunction.It is called Fildena Extra Power because of its high strength and potency. Fildena is a Substantial Paro for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, unlike different types which can alleviate similar problems

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Vilitra60is a drug that inhibits PDE-5, that is, it works by limiting the function of this enzyme. This enzyme causes impotence or erectile dysfunction because it destroys cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) molecules that help with erections. cGMP relaxes/dilates the blood vessels present in the corpora cavernosa and draws more blood into them, which causes an erection. Its destruction by the PDE-5 molecules is prevented by the drug which binds to it and saves the cGMP molecules.It is important to note that Vilitra can only work when you are s*xually aroused. S*xual stimulation releases nitric oxide in the smooth muscle of the p*nis, which is needed to increase the concentration of cGMP molecules. Vilitra does not increase s*xual desire or s*xual performance.

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Vidalista 20 can get various reactions. As a result, manufacturers have produced this drug in different and alternate doses to avoid overdose. As you can see, the name Vidalista is made up of numbers. The dosage power is represented by the number.However, before prescribing Vidalista, your doctor may ask you a few questions. It's only natural that you want to know what you think of Vidalista or other erectile dysfunction drugs.Increased levels of cGMP lead to optimal muscle relaxation, blood flow expansion and erection promotion. Vidalista helps men achieve and maintain erections during s*xual arousal.

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Super Kamagra is more than just generic Sildenafil. It also contains Dapoxetine, a generic ingredient that allows you to have more control over your ejaculations.It is a p*ll that finds its use to treat two ailments at the same time. With the use of p*lls you can effectively achieve the effectiveness of your erections and control ejaculation for longer.

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Vilitra 40 is an oral pill that hardens your penis and allows you to restore the ability of a harder erection. The pills have a generic substance which is Vardenafil which belongs to the family of a group of generic substances called the PDE-5 hormone. inhibitors. This drug helps men build strength and helps them lead a sustainable s*x life. Viltra is the safest and most beneficial drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

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Vidalista 20 It is a much cheaper replacement for a more expensive brand called Tadalafil indicated for erectile dysfunction. This drug can alleviate any problem related to erectile dysfunction, so it is becoming more and more in demand, making it a more popular option for erectile dysfunction problems.

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Fildena 100 It is known by many other names like magic pill or magic potion etc. Sildenafil helps to achieve the correct type of erection and to maintain it for a longer period of time. Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of those ailments that leaves a negative impact on a man's self-confidence and morale.

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Cenforce 200 in the most useful drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. It is a drug used by people all over the world that helps men to have an erection. The erection caused by this drug is long-lasting and lasts for a longer period of time.

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Cenforce 150 is one of the most effective treatments available for treating erectile dysfunction or impotence. At times, men cannot attain an erection even if they get s*xual stimulation from their s*x partners. Further, the condition of impotence often makes men panic. In addition, men having ED, never able to meet the physical desires of their female companions.

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Fildena 150 When an adult takes this medicine before having s*x, this medicine helps relax the blood vessels of the p*nis. At the same time, it also expands them, which in turn increases the flow of blood in that part of the body.
Fildena 120mg This increase in blood flow results in an erection that lasts during s*x.

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Vidalista 60 When it comes to erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men, Vidalista 60 mg, a Tadalafil pill used to treat infertility, conveys pleasure like no other. Vidalista-60 is a particularly effective prescription drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Vidalista 60mg, making it a PDE5-restricted drug.Vidalista 20mg It is an erectile dysfunction medication generally recommended by professionals for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

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Vilitra 20 Men who experience the negative effects of erectile rupture produce the chemical PDE5 in their body, which hinders the creation of nitric oxide, which is essential for solid erections. Each Vilitra 20 contains the active ingredient Vardenafil, a PDE5 inhibitor.Vilitra oral pill powered with PDE-5 inhibitor inhibits the activity of PDE-5 compound and helps in the development of cGMP and nitric oxide in the body.Vilitra 40 The delivered cGMP widens the v*ins and smooth muscles in the s*xual organ and makes a prolonged passage of blood and nitric oxide at the time of s*xual sensation and makes good erections possible.

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Cenforce 150mg treats impotence (erectile dysfunction) in men. It works by spiking the blood flow to the penile area of the body. This helps men gain and maintain an erection. It belongs to the medicines' phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors family. You can take this medicine on an empty stomach or with food. You must take this medicine exactly as directed by your doctor. Take it about an hour before engaging in any s*xual activity. This medicine can help you get an erection once you've been s*xually aroused. On the other hand, this drug will not work without s*xual stimulation.

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Vidalista 60mg Often such neglect of s*xual health leads to erectile dysfunction as people are not even aware of the reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction. And gradually the situation worsens, which leads to the wife's extramarital affair, regular family conflicts and teasing from strangers.All these side effects eventually lead the patient to end up in a psychiatrist's clinic due to depression, anxiety, etc. If you want to stay safe from all these accidents in your life, start using Vidalista 60 Mg now after consulting your doctor.

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Fildena 150mg The specialist selects the sum and frequencies of the Fildena 150 based on the body’s degree of seriousness and need. In an ideal world, tablets should be required at least 40 minutes before s*x. Don’t over-expect the best.

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