Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music Can Heal

Well, maybe music can't cure cancer, but it can certainly heal the spirit.

Drew Seeley released a new song today that he wrote for my patient.

Watch the video here.

If you buy the song on iTunes, the proceeds go to support childhood cancer research.  Even if you don't buy the song, watch the video and enjoy the bliss on Brooke's face when Drew came to sing for her.



Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

Wow! Beautiful song for healing the spirit, eh. :)

Thanks for the share,
Peny@lab coats

Stefanie said...

Loved it...and of course had to purchase the song.

Thank you for this!

Andrew from LPN training said...

They say music has a way of communicating to the mind, body and soul. This video reminded me of how something so simple can have such a profound effect on an individual.

Jane said...

I firmly believe that music is a great healing tool. When going through breast cancer, I often relied on music to take me away as I dealt with chemotherapy. I am now cancer free and better than ever. For those looking for a resource about coping with cancer, I recommend that you check out http://onlineceucredit.com/edu/social-work-ceus-can. I hope this is helpful.

Suji said...

Very inspiring story. I also believe that music is one of the best therapies that can make one's soul become more hopeful. Music heals! :)

Antic_Hero said...

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Dr Mashaw said...

This is a great post. I am a Geriatrician and I never really thought that we had any real control over our bodies. I've slowly been changing my paradigm. I write a blog about my experiences as a Geriatrician in a small rural town in Virginia. Please check it out

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Medical Social Media said...

I agree! I've had music heal my soul before as well. I think its a great addition to the healing process.

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