Saturday, March 9, 2013

Welcome Back!

It's a warm, sunny day today.  Spring is finally here, from the looks of things.  That means it's time for a new beginning.

On my way home from work last night, I stopped for a drink with an old friend of mine.  When I say old... I've known this friend since we were kids.   I can't remember a time when I didn't know him.  We were joined by two of his other friends, who I was meeting for the first time.  When I first meet people, and they ask what I do, my answer evokes either a blank look, a look of pity, or a lot of questions.

Thankfully, this time I got questions.

The two most common questions I'm asked are how I ended up doing what I do, and what is the most rewarding part of my job.  I'd like to share my answers here, as a part of my new beginning.

How did I end up as a pediatric oncologist?  I wasn't one of those kids who knew at age 5 he wanted to be a doctor.  In fact, I went to college hoping to be a research scientist.  It was only after my sophomore year that my father suggested to me that if I wanted to do medical research, a medical degree might be helpful.  So I started medical school in the Medical Scientist Training Program, on a track to get both an MD and a PhD.  Thankfully, just seven years later, I graduated with both degrees, ready to take the next steps.

Why oncology?  I was attracted to the science.  Understanding how cells work fascinated me, and when I realized that cancer is a perversion of the normal processes of cell biology, I knew what I wanted to study.

Why pediatrics?  That's even easier.  I love kids.  I love their undying optimism, their boundless enthusiasm for life, they neverending need to explore the world around them, and their seemingly limitless ability to love those around them.

The choice to become a pediatric oncologist turned out to be pretty easy for me.

What is the most rewarding part of my job?  That's pretty easy, too.  Earlier this week, I received an email from an old patient.  He wrote to tell me that it was the 15th anniversary of the day we met and I told him he had cancer.  He has now lived more time post-diagnosis than pre, and felt moved to tell me how much he loved his life and how happy he was to have met me.

I received a similar message two years ago.  An old patient wrote to me on her birthday.  She told me she had recently been researching her diagnosis... and realized that someone with her type of leukemia, who had the chromosome mutations that her leukemia had, ought to have died.  Not only was she celebrating another birthday, but she was preparing for her wedding, and she wrote to thank me for taking such good care of her.

How could I ever have considered any other career?

It's spring.  Time for new beginnings.  Time to renew my efforts in the lab, so that even more kids will be able to look back on the day they were diagnosed and be thankful for the modern treatments, born of an intense research effort, that have erased the day when a childhood cancer diagnosis was a death sentence.

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Just the Tip said...

Glad to see you're back.

I'm a bad blogger too, and just recently wiped my blog pretty much clean. I have a 2 year old & 3 year old with medical issues, and while I am grateful for all of the linking up I have done with other parents online, it is slightly scary to think of all the information & pictures I posted for everyone to see.

I love your blog, it's so well written, and what you do every single day, is amazing.

DrG said...

Glad to see you're back too.

Dan Gilbert said...

As the father of one of your patients you can add me to the long list of people that are grateful to have met you. Please keep up the good work.

Dan Gilbert

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Experienced irritation control administrations in Mumbai can assist with settling any sort of nuisance pervasion, be it cockroaches, kissing bugs, bugs, mosquitoes, house flies, insects, reptiles, termites, rodents, rodents, wood drills, and other frightening little creatures. Proficient organizations for clean and safe vermin control Mumbai use eco-accommodating techniques like microbial insect poisons, best-quality shower medicines, and natural nuisance control. When you share your irritation control necessity with Mumbai bug control organizations, they will appoint reasonable exterminators to your location to take care of business on a case by case basis.

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Office 365 plans incorporate the work area rendition of the most recent Office applications, where clients can introduce across various PCs and gadgets. The completely introduced applications include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access (Publisher and Access are accessible on PC just) and you can introduce them across different gadgets, including PCs, Macs, Android tablets, Android telephones, iPad, and iPhone. At the point when you have a functioning Office 365 membership that incorporates the work area form of Office, you generally have the most modern rendition of the applications.

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Mining organizations all throughout the planet apply Imago's answer related to geography information the board and displaying instruments to empower groups to make more certain, productive choices utilizing quickly accessible, great pictures. Seequent as of now coordinates its Leapfrog, Oasis montaj, Target, and Minalytix MX Deposit with Imago's answer, making it simple for geologists, engineers, and different partners to extricate information and gain from geoscientific symbolism. The objective is to open huge potential for mining and different businesses, changing picture information into significant experiences for land exercises.

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As a main SEO Company in Mumbai, we realize that a careful arranging and key execution is the way to accomplishing extraordinary SEO results. When you reach us for SEO Services, we will start our proposals with a free examination of your site. Our SEO administrations incorporate focusing on the most encouraging catchphrases for your business and industry, making a great backlinks, and advancing your On-page and Off-page. Mumbai, the Financial Capital of India, is a superb model exhibiting the variety of India. In addition to the fact that we have enormous worldwide ventures working out of this dynamic city yet we additionally have the absolute most encouraging new companies and nearby organizations working perseveringly to arise as pioneers in their separate fields.

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To conquer the mishaps of weighty vehicles at the mining destinations, Radar-based vicinity sensors help mine administrators in limiting the danger of mishaps and injury. Radar-based sensors sent at the front and back of their dump trucks. The sensors give dynamic item recognition in vehicle vulnerable sides without expensive or tedious adjustments to existing crash aversion gadgets. The sensors discharge fan-molded light emissions recurrence radio waves. To keep away from bogus alarms, every sensor was arranged to make a detecting region relating to its vulnerable side, disregards objects outside the space. An installed video observing framework permits the administrator to check for any blocks. Every sensor is secured by a tough IP67-appraised lodging, which guarantees dependable activity, in any event, when shrouded in built up on mud.

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Flexible, hearty, enduring, refurbishable after some time, inventive, premium quality and ageless. These are only a portion of the modifiers that ring a bell when a Bathsystem case is the focal point of consideration. The Bathsystem bunch embraces a quality first organization theory, everything necessary is venturing inside a Bathsystem case and one can feel the surprising nature of the business' driving item.

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