Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Musical Wish

It’s been a good week for Mike.

Mike is a patient of mine. Yes, this is his real name. He’s been telling me for a while that I need to blog about him.

I met Mike just after Christmas. He had been dealing with a stuffy nose all winter, and despite repeated trips to the doctor and courses of antibiotics, it didn’t seem to get better. Finally, a CT scan showed not a sinus infection, but a large tumor. Mike was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma the weekend after Christmas. What a present!

Mike is a really cool kid. He plays guitar. No... I play guitar. Mike performs and makes records. In fact, when we told him he would have to get some of his chemotherapy as an inpatient, his first question was whether he was allowed to bring his guitar with him. I’ll never forget the concert he put on in his room during his second cycle of chemo.

This is a video of Mike’s band Monday’s Riot. Mike is the one with long hair singing and playing guitar.

Mike also has a band called The Grenaders, and you can hear their music here. Download whatever you want. Mike strongly believes all music should be free.

So why has this been a good week for Mike? Well, today Dr. Fernanda Arnaldez and I, who take care of Mike together, had the pleasure of showing him his MRI from last week (after 13 weeks of chemotherapy). There is no sign of his tumor anymore! He was giddy with excitement when he saw the size of his tumor in December and then how normal his scan is today.

Almost as exciting as that was the phone call he received earlier this week. Make-a-Wish came through for him. Mike’s wish was to have someone special produce and album for him. An album of his music. Mike made a wish and the wish is coming true. Todd Rundgren is going to produce his album!

It sure has been a very good week for Mike.

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rlbates said...

How wonderful!

Lorin Decker Buck said...

This is outstanding! We met Mike and his mom during an inpatient stay in February. We want whatever (treatment) Mike's having!

Elizabeth Munroz said...

This makes it all worthwhile!So happy for Mike. So happy for his family, So happy for you. Just so happy! Thank you for sharing this.

Cathy said...

That was wonderful! You go Mike!

Jessica Bond said...

Great music & video Mike! LIVESTRONG and Keep Rocking!

(Kudos to Mike's physicians and healthcare team)

Luke said...

Thanks to you and Mike for sharing his story.

Good weeks are what make life worth the effort.

Wishing you a lifetime of good weeks.


Stephanie said...

That is wonderful news! Those stupid tumors!! Go chemo! My son also has Rhabdomyosarcoma, so I can relate. Good luck to Mike reaching the cure and his music career!

Nancy said...

It was wonderful!

viagra online said...

I have a musical wish for Christmas: A new Gibson Les-Paul... that's what I need.

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