Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Wednesday... The Doctor is Playing Golf

What a horrid, 50's-era cliche!

But today, it was true. This afternoon I played golf in a fundraising tournament for the Heather Brooke Foundation. This is a foundation named in honor of a patient with Ewing's Sarcoma that I once helped care for. When Heather passed away, her mother channeled her grief into helping others. The Heather Brooke Foundation exists to help conquer childhood cancer and to help and educate the families of children with debilitating illnesses.

Today was a beautiful day for golf... if you like playing in gale force winds! Of course, if you're as terrible as I am (other than Putt Putt, today is the 3rd time I've played golf in my entire life), the wind really doesn't matter so much.

But for my buddy Dean, who really plays quite well, the wind was a problem.

We played at The Timbers at Troy, a beautiful local course. It was a fabulous day, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Last year's tournament raised enough money to buy a PCR machine for my lab. With the help of this machine, we generated the preliminary data that convinced the National Comprehensive Cancer Network to fund our clinical trial for patients with recurrent and refractory sarcomas. You should have heard the applause when I made that announcement at the post-tournament lunch!

Yes, it was a beautiful golfing day.

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