Sunday, October 4, 2009

More About Patients and the Press

I have blogged before when stories about my patients (and their families) appeared in local newspapers. But this time it’s different. This time, my patient is the author!

Let me explain.

Phil (he gave me permission to blog about this) was receiving radiation therapy at another institution. He was suffering one of the common side effects – burning skin. Realizing that the redness and burning are caused by inflammation, he had a clever idea. With the permission of his radiation oncology team, he tried an over the counter anti-inflammatory cream. It worked! His skin improved dramatically.

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The best part is what Phil did with this experience. He didn’t just tell his treating team. He didn’t just tell his friends. He wrote a case report describing the experience, and with the help of his radiation oncologist, he published it. In a journal called “The Oncologist.”

You can read the paper here, but only if you have a subscription (or are accessing the internet from an institution with one).

Most doctors say that we learn from our patients. But how many have read articles in the medical literature authored by our patients?

Way to go, Phil!

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Unknown said...

That's great! What was the OTC anti-inflammatory agent? I've got some patients of my own who might appreciate the knowledge. (I'm at home now, not at work, and only a peds resident, not an oncologist, so I don't have home access to such things. Not 100% sure that I would at work either.)

A Doc 2 Be said...

So very glad I stumbled across your blog... thanks to Happy :)

Oncology had been my field of choice since I was 10. Throughout grade school, junior high, high school and early college I wanted to do the MD/PhD route. Time flies.

Given my age and potential for acceptance into med school + residency + fellowship, I somewhat feel I may have to live the oncology as a specialty, vicariously through others.

I commend anyone for taking on sick children. It takes someone special not only in knowledge but in compassion to help the entire family, not just the pediatric patient.

Thanks for letting me tag along - I hope you keep the blog going!


Doctor David said...

Sara...actually, what he used is Aspercreme, so it's cheap and available OTC.

Doc2Be, glad to have you along for the ride! Never give up on your dreams. I had plenty of med school classmates who had prior careers before deciding to become a doctor, so age shouldn't be an impediment.